Art & CTE Rooms Undergo Major Summer Transformation

Art & CTE Rooms Undergo Major Summer Transformation
New cabinets and appliances in a CTE classroom

Students walked into brand-new, modernized Art and CTE classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year. This past summer, as part of the fourth and final phase of our Capital Improvement Bond, three classrooms at JFK Middle School received a complete transformation to enhance the 21st century learning experience for our students.

In the art room, all of the old cabinets, tables and plumbing were removed and replaced. In the back of the room, additional areas and rooms for storage were added, something that was not previously available to the teachers and students. There is also now a separate kiln room, similar to the High School art room that was renovated in 2021. Throughout the room, the ceiling was replaced and new includes brighter, LED lighting.

In our two CTE classrooms, the cabinets, desks, electrical and plumbing work is all brand new. The brand new kitchens that were constructed include all new cabinetry, stainless steel kitchen appliances and importantly, they are wheelchair accessible. The old washers and dryers have also been replaced. Drop-down outlets have also been installed throughout these rooms to help projects such as sewing. The ceilings are brand new and also include brighter, LED lights.

Students now have the opportunity to work together and collaborate at tables rather than individual desks in all three of these rooms. Additionally, to enhance the technology in these classrooms, brand new SMARTBoards were installed, continuing with our initiative to modernize these boards district-wide.

Check out before and after pictures below of the our new classrooms! (Link for app users