JFK Fall Dance

JFK Fall Dance

The article and pictures below were written and taken by students at Comsewogue High School.

At 6:30 pm on October 28th, JFK Middle School students gathered to have a really fun night. Faculty and staff planned a Fall Dance for the kids to attend. There were lots of activities, music, and dancing to enjoy.  

This past year has been very difficult for students, like the ones at JFK. They have lived through a pandemic, causing them to miss a large portion of their young lives. JFK is doing their part to help make the kids’ lives normal again. Dr. Fama, the principal at the middle school, welcomed each person in, making sure they wore masks. Only a certain number of kids were allowed to be in the gym. Luckily, no one was turned away! Dr. Fama called the JFK Dance a reunion of sorts. It was their first proper dance since the pandemic started. Everyone is beginning to come out of their houses and gather to have some fun!   

At the dance there was food, drinks, dancing and fun activities. The gym was adorned in Halloween and fall decorations. One of the activities included coloring fall images. Some of the students even started a conga line along the length of the gym. Students were cheering and laughing as they paraded through the crowd of their peers. Not only did the students have fun, but teachers and staff did too. They danced with kids and had a great time.  

The JFK Fall Dance was a huge success. The administration did a wonderful job making the night as fun and safe for the students as possible. As Mrs. Surdi, a teacher at the JFK Middle School, said, “First thing back, overwhelming response, happy kids.”

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